Established in 2002, the Tiger Claw Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization (Tax I.D. 33-0995577) dedicated to promoting martial artists and assisting martial artists in achieving their goals.

Tiger Claw Martial Arts Safety Products and Supplies has a long history of contributing to the martial arts community with financial aid, gear and promotions. It has always been the intention of Tiger Claw founders Thomas and Gigi Oh to give as much support to the athletes and the arts as possible with their donations. This spirit of grassroots funding has been a guiding objective for Tiger Claw throughout its existence.

The Tiger Claw Foundation was established in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. That day, Tiger Claw had just received its supply of American flags. By strange coincidence, our online retail outlet appeared in the top ten as a source of flags in a major internet search engine. Our flag inventory, which would have usually lasted two years, was sold out instantly. Tiger Claw decided to donate the proceeds of the sales directly to the Red Cross. More patriotic goods, such as mugs and t-shirts, were created solely to generate more funds for this cause. After the sales rush subsided, Tiger Claw reviewed its history of charitable contributions and it was determined that a formal non-profit foundation must be established to continue our grassroots support efforts. The Tiger Claw Foundation enables Tiger Claw to go beyond responding to multiple requests for contributions, and proactively provide extensive community support to creative endeavors in the arts.

Board of Directors:
Thomas Oh
Gigi Oh
Jennifer Oh
Jonny Oh
Willy Cahill
Archie Carpenter
Joan Chien
Gene Ching