2024 US Challenge

The Tiger Claw Foundation is supporting the 2024 US Challenge on August 10-11, 2024, at the Washington Education Zone, Wagner Hall, 6511 Princess Garden Parkway, Lanham, MD.

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The WildAid Tiger Claw Elite Showcase

The 12th Annual WildAid Tiger Claw Elite Showcase was held at the Tiger Claw Elite Championships on Sunday May 5, 2024. 

The 2024 Champions are:

WildAid Adult (18+): Yu, Tianci - Kung Fu Dragon USA

WildAid Teen (12-17): Tian, Luke - Omei Academy

WildAid Cub (11 &Under): Liao, Isaac - Sun's Kung Fu Academy

In 2010, the Year of the Tiger, the Tiger Claw Foundation pledged to support WildAid in its efforts to preserve wild tigers. All the proceeds generated from this Showcase Championship are donated directly to WildAid. The following year, the Tiger Claw Foundation extended that pledge to encompass all the endangered species that WildAid seeks to protect. The WildAid Tiger Claw Championship has been held every year since, expanding in 2015 to include Teen and Pre-teen Champions. It has grown into the most high-profile Showcase Championship of the Tiger Claw Elite Championships.

The Tiger Claw Foundation has donated over $16,000 to WildAid through the WildAid Tiger Claw Championship

For more information, visit WildAid Tiger Claw Champion

In cooperation with TigerClaw.com, KungFuMagazine.com and WildAid.

Past WildAid Tiger Claw Champions

2010: Yuan Long

2011: Zhang Yongbiao

2012: Sun Qibo

2013: Yu Zhenlong

2014: Sen Gao

2015: Tian Chongfang

2016: Li Yujie

2017: Cheng Shengwei

2018: Lei Fan

2019: Xia Zhiyang

2023: Judy Liu

2024:Yu Tianci 

WildAid Teen Tiger Champions ( 17-12 )

2015: Leland Zhang

2016: Ian Lim

2017: Brandon Cheng

2018: Naoki Tang

2019: Judy Liu

2023: Luke Tian

2024: Luke Tian

WildAid Tiger Cub Champions (11 & under)

2015: Ian Lim

2016: Marisa Malto

2017: Max Lwin

2018: Mariella Brayton

2019: TIE Lucas Dong & Kevin Le

2023: Junchen Yang

2024: Isaac Liao